If your company is considering a move to Greenville, look for a copy of ‘The Ultimate Greenville Relocation Guide’ (due Spring 2016) and check out the inspiring chapter called ‘Innovative Business Environment.’  It holds surprises which will sway your decision.

If you’re considering a business move to Greenville SC, you likely already have the facts and the numbers. Here are a few other things to remember as you make comparisons to other cities:

1. Greenville adapts.  
2. Greenville is welcoming.  
3. Locals are proud of this region and its products.
4. Locals are also loyal and hardworking.
5. Public-private partnerships thrive here.
6. City leaders make decisions with quality of life in mind.
7. The quality of life is unparalleled: your employees and your family will love living here!

This list is the secret sauce that makes Greenville the top choice for many new companies each year. Greenville welcomes students, internationals, new companies and new residents with enthusiasm. Residents put locally-manufactured Michelin tires on their cars. Those who can drive BMWs made here in the Upstate. Local events are well attended. Greenville charities are supported. Local sports teams enjoy undying devotion.

And take another hard look at #7.  You know what it costs to hire, train and keep employees.  If you choose Greenville as your business’s home base, the city does the heavy lifting for you.

The GADC, the City of Greenville’s economic development team and the Greenville Chamber of Commerce are also great sources of information as you tackle your due diligence.

-Libby McMillan Henson is the owner of Greenville Relocation, offering local relocation concierge services, and is also author of ‘The Ultimate Greenville Relocation Guide.’