The real estate market in Greenville, SC is hotter than hot right now.   If you’re wanting to live close to downtown, it’s an extremely competitive market as of this writing.

Consequently, it’s highly important to choose the right Realtor if you’re moving to Greenville.  It’s a great idea to interview Realtors before you make your decision. This is an ice-breaking exercise which often reveals if you’ll be comfortable taking the home-buying journey together.

During the buying process, a lot of personal information is shared; make sure your Realtor is a good fit and you feel confident in sharing information with him or her.  One thing’s in your favor: a Realtor’s fee is paid by the seller out of the proceeds from a sale.

Hot Tip:  A few Realtors will ask for a transactional charge up front, then reimburse the charges at closing. You might want to clarify this point in an interview.

Local mortgage brokers are a great source for recommendations, since they work with many Realtors throughout the year.  You can also study ads and listings to see who is listing properties in your price range or the part of town you might be interested in.  But remember: your Realtor can best help you identify a Greenville area community or neighborhood  which will meet your needs.

Welcome to Greenville!

Libby McMillan Henson is the owner of Greenville Relocation, offering local relocation concierge services, and is also author of ‘The Ultimate Greenville Relocation Guide.’